So I bought my car from Mike Duman (Carrolton, VA) and came in for an oil change. This was the 3rd time I came in for an oil change(usually approx.

$27). Upon completion of service I was handed a bill for a whopping $87. The service manager explained that since the car used synthetic oil it was more expensive. Question?....what about the previous two times I've bought my car in?

She explained that the 1st two times the techs put the wrong oil in my car. Is that my fault? No. Not to mention that after buying the car the salesperson sold me on all the GREAT incentives I'd receive as a Mike Duman customer (discounted oil changes, not over $14, free state inspections, etc..

VERY DISAPPOINTED. Do not be misled by the false advertising these money hungry people attempt to milk you for. By the way....since I was not able to pay the $87 since I'm living on a budget and was only set to pay $27. The service manager had the tech to pull my car back into the shop, drain the oil, and then refill with the now famous $27 oil.

And get this...she instructed the tech to collect the oil and put it back in a jug which means if you've come to Mike Duman Carrolton recently for an oil change, you just paid full price for oil which was in my car.

New oil price yet used oil. No more MIKE DUMAN auto sales OR service for me.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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